About Us

Meikwang upholds all the consumers are our partners
Every partner's feedback we have to listen carefully, in-depth understanding
Meikwang and the partners are standing on the same front, work together, to present beauty perfectly.
Beauty can be very purely natural
Beauty can be very simple
Beauty is just within daily life
Skin Care = Pure = Nature = life
Your smile, touching, and trust
Simple life, Simple Skin Care
That is all what we are pursuing.


Meikwang Cosmetics Science & Technology Factory meets not only the EU specifications of high standards of factory equipments and outstanding research personnel, but also set up a dedicated laboratory, in addition to the needs of the consumer market, all kinds of skin,
More emphasis on environmental protection and design for life details, so that skin-care becomes part of life.
Set up professional laboratories, cultivate professional scientific research personnel,
And put a lot of manpower, material resources, the use of advanced research and development equipment, technology,
Develop high quality products and raw materials for various skin conditions.
The factory equipments are passed through GMPc and ISO9001 strict certification.
And strict requirements for personnel health and safety inspection,
To achieve the most stringent process standards.
Research. Production/Manufacture



Meikwang cosmetics science factory has experienced in coordination and integration capabilities which can integrate upstream and downstream suppliers, providing a series of complete brand service.


Meikwang cosmetics science factory has extensive experience in OEM, according to customer requirement to create perfect products.


Meikwang cosmetics science factory has a professional research team to achieve your requirement. Best formulation, ingredients, and materials with team. We provide not only good service but also high-quality products.

Our customer comes from U.S.A, Norway, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan...